The Mantz Trilogy

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The Mantz Trilogy by Paul Corey

Three Miles Square

The first volume begins with the death and burial of Iowa farmer Chris Mantz in 1910. The widow, Bessie, is left with four children, Andrew, Verney, Wolmar, and the baby, Otto.

The Road Returns

The second volume covers the years 1917-1923, a period of prosperity and speculation followed by ruinous decline for Iowa farmers.

County Seat

The final volume, covering the 1920s, finds Andrew dissatisfied on the farm, Wolmar successfully operating a garage, Verney and her husband living with Mrs. Mantz, and Otto at the University.

The Mantz Trilogy documents a time of great change in America. During this period, young people began to move away from farming as a life choice. The once rare automobile could be found—in almost every barn. The boom and bust of the economy as a result of the war and advances in automation forever changed our way of life. Yet, when we read the story of the Mantz family of almost a century ago, we can find many things to identify with—the nasty and manipulative neighbor who has his own sorrows, the joys and heartaches of raising children, the economic and political factors whose impact on our lives seem out of our control, right down to a drunk driving accident, an unplanned pregnancy, and even a suicide.

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