Zen And The Art Of Knitting: Exploring the Links Between Knitting, Spirituality, and Creativity

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This book explores what, arguably, everyone’s grandmother always knew, that when passionate knitters become one with the craft, amazing things can happen. In Zen and the Art of Knitting, Bernadette Murphy explores how knitting fits into the larger scheme of life itself as meditation, creative expression, a gift to express love, a way to connect, and much, much more.

“Zen and the Art of Knitting is crafted like a handmade sweater, with great texture and beauty and love. Bernadette Murphy knits together creativity, spirituality, and daily life, letting us see the rich and wondrous fabric that connects all of it, all of us, ‘in a piece.’ This is a book readers will want to wrap themselves up in for comfort, for inspiration, for affirmation of the healing, centering, power of the art.”—Gayle Brandeis, author of Fruitflesh: Seeds of Inspiration for Women Who Write and The Book of Dead Birds: A Novel

“Bernadette Murphy explores the now-radical notion that in the smallest, most mundane gestures, we may find a kind of grace. This book traces her discovery with openness and faith.” —David L. Ulin, author of The Lost Art of Reading: Why Books Matter in a Distracted Time, Labyrinth and The Myth of Solid Ground: Earthquakes, Prediction, and the Fault Line Between Reason and Faith

“The book is full of lore, technical tips, colorful needle-wielding characters, and, ahem, plain old good yarns. Knitting, in Murphy’s hands, is more than a metaphor; it is tangible, proof of the inner-connectedness of all living things.” —Michelle Huneven, author of Off Course, Blame and Jamesland

”A wise, illuminating book, for knitters and non-knitters alike.” —Tara Ison, author of Reeling Through Life: How I Learned to Live, Love and Die at the Movies, Rockaway, and A Child Out Of Alcatraz

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