The Delphinium Girl


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“THE DELPHINIUM GIRL haunts the reader as its heroine Sarah Keville haunts those who remember her.” —The New Republic

“Astonishing beauty and enchantment…There is no question Mark Smith has a hold of life.” —Los Angeles Times

“This beautiful, old-style novel is about people we know. At times they behave outrageously, and we laugh. But the story is also exceedingly moving, intelligent and surprising.” —People

“Destined to become a classic.” —West Coast Review of Books

Sarah Keville glides flawlessly through a world of rampant chic, where suicides spoil otherwise perfect garden parties, and divorces are more quickly forgotten than faux pas. Although she’s unsure of herself, her husband, even her children, she’s the one everybody confides in. In her fantasies, Sarah is a grande dame in the making. She can savor life without haste, having all the time she wants to fulfill her secret dreams. But suddenly there is no more time. Sarah’s life is swerving off course. And the charming circle gathered beautifully around her is tearing into tatters. “[Mark Smith] conveys not only the characters’ frail, urgent, immediate motives, but also a sense of the mysterious deeper motives for dreaming.” —The New York Times Book Review


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