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A Brand New Foreverland First from Elizabeth A. Havey

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“I’ve long been a fan of Elizabeth A. Havey. I’ve followed and welcomed her writings on Boomer, an exceptional blog of perceptive and stylish essays. Now with the publication of A Mother’s Time Capsule, Havey gives us an important collection of powerful and beautifully crafted short stories, and begins to take her place as an important American writer. The stories capture her unique, almost mystical connection with the complex realities of the American family, as she explores a tremendous range of emotions and actions that permeate family life. Read these polished and beautifully crafted stories and accept Elizabeth A. Havey’s gift of experience and insight. Embrace and be embraced by the power of her work as it opens up your own emotions and memories, leading you back to your own family story.” —James Wagenvoord, author

Mothers. We all have one and we all have memories of our mothers. The word elicits strong feelings, mostly positive. But mothers are diverse and so is their mothering and the circumstances in which they’ve raised, loved, cared for or failed a child. Each story in Elizabeth A. Havey’s collection, A MOTHER’S TIME CAPSULE, presents a different journey, a varied view of this life-changing responsibility. Here you’ll meet aging mothers, fearful mothers, single and divorced moms, a mother deprived of her child, another dealing with the attempted suicide of a daughter. Motherhood is love and caring, complete joy and devastating sorrow. It can fill the heart with sweet moments, or trouble the mind with conflict and thorny choice. And though some women may never have children of their own, as our mothers age the role often reverses, and like it or not we will know many of the challenges of motherhood then.

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