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Automotive, a crushingly beautiful essay on film by Janet Sternburg

“A word broke in two the other day, right in front of my eyes.

A familiar word: automotive
breaking into unfamiliar meanings: auto (self); motive (reason for acting).

I had been thinking about a film I adored but didn’t quite understand.
Auto motive: a key?
The self is the reason, the motor for acting
In the film Holy Motors, a man has a reason for acting, a motive, a motor.
He is performing himself.”

Read the whole essay at the Times Quotidian: HERE

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Duff Brenna’s fierce memoir, Murdering the Mom, is now available

for your  Kindle  and in   All Digital Formats


“You’re killing me, Duffy,” the mom always said. In his memoir, Murdering the Mom, award-winning novelist Duff Brenna elevates the obscene to the sublime. He takes all the materials of hardship and abuse during an unhappy childhood and sculpts it into art, into something transcendent. This is a heart-rending memoir that exceeds the expectations one normally has of a memoir, that is, it reads like a captivating novel.

“Perhaps the most remarkable achievement of this remarkable memoir by award-winning novelist Duff Brenna is its humanity. The characters in this book–hell, its nonfiction, they’re not characters, they’re people!–do hateful, hurtful things to one another. They are lost in their needs, their aberrations, their dreams, their longing–too lost to take stock of the effect of their own behavior upon the people with whom they share their lives and who depend upon them, not least the children who are hostages to a kind of madness…He is not settling old scores–and god knows there were scores he might well have wanted to settle if he’d had a mind to. But no,  he is exploring–unsparingly, unflinchingly, but above all fairly, with balance and breathtaking honesty–the humanity of a group of people born into and continually creating a kind of hell in which they thras around without a clue as to how to get out.” –Thomas E. Kennedy, author of In the Company of Angels and Falling Sideways.

Duff Brennna is the author of six novels, including The Book of Mamie, which won the AWP Award for Best Novel; The Holy Book of the Beard, named “an underground classic” by The New York Times; Too Cool, a New York Times Noteworthy Book; The Altar of the Body, given the Editors Prize Favorite Book of the Year Award, South Florida Sun-Sentinel, and also received a San Diego Writers Association Award for Best Novel in 2002.

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