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Two New Books Hot Off The Press

cover art and design by lucinda luvaas


national book award and pen/faulkner award nominee

“Natalie, like the bellwether of a generation she claimed to repudiate, made leaps that made me dizzy, caught up in the catharsis of cool despair, imminent apocalypse, and sexual divination. So much the seeker, lop-eyed celebrant, impressionable tabula rasa upon which the moment could etch its havoc.

“One day she appeared at my apartment in plaster-spattered jeans, hair splashed out in a great nimbus. Her eyes glowed; she was perhaps high. Beside her was a blond beautiful creature, real pretty boy, with refined, nearly feminine features and transparent blue eyes. She had come to show us off to each other.

“‘This is Claude,’ she smiled, innocent as a spring flower, wholly incognizant of the sun’s infidelity. And he offered a smile that was all sex and narcissism.’”  —from The Seductions of Natalie Bach


national book critics circle award nominee

The haunting story of a woman’s journey to Bedlam, and the ramifications for her children when she fails to make it back. Portraying a family in crisis—and told from the children’s point of view—this dark and moving tale depicts drinking, mental instability, adultery, and a mother’s ultimate sacrifice as her children struggle to deal with their tormented childhood.

“…a striking family melodrama…” —Library Journal

“A surreal and frightening air prevails as guilt, aggression and madness escalate in this powerful evocation of family members coming to grips with their crimes against one another.” —Publisher’s Weekly

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