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Thank you!

What a great party we had! Thanks to all of you who joined us on our Facebook Page with your comments and your questions and your shares and your likes! (See us jumping up and down and waving at you madly?) Below you’ll find links to places where you can download your ebook edition of A Child Out of Alcatraz to the device of your choice. With thanks, again, from all of us here at Foreverland Press: Susan Taylor Chehak, Tom Chehak, Seth Fischer and April Kelley Jones. Happy reading!

For the ebook reader of your choice

For your Kindle and Kindle Apps

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We’re Having a Party, and You’re Invited

When: April 27 at 12:00 am to April 28 at 12:00 am

Where: Cyberspace

Please join us on the anniversary of the first attempted escape from Alcatraz, as we celebrate the e-publication of Tara Ison’s “fascinating and wonderfully evocative” first novel: A Child Out of Alcatraz.
Tara will be there, too, as we post and tweet all day about the book, about Tara, and about Alcatraz.

Just click HERE and check “going”!

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Price fixing?

Eduardo Porter in the New York Times: “It is only a matter of time before cheap e-books put an end to hardcover tomes selling for $25. And with Amazon pushing into publishing itself, some publishers could become victims as well. . . . If brick-and-mortar bookstores die, browsing will die with them. But writers and publishers will have plenty of other ways–think Amazon, Facebook or Google–of letting readers know about their books.”

Read the whole article HERE

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The Impossible

“Revolutions enable the impossible at the same time they destroy the perfect. There’s entirely too much handwringing about how the perfect book industry is no more. That’s true. It’s no longer perfect. What’s happening now, though, is the impossible.” –Seth Godin for The Domino Project

Read the full post here.

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The New Midlist

“Everyone knows the superstars of self-publishing, but many others are earning a living, selling foreign rights, and being courted by traditional publishers.”

Robin Sullivan writes about self-published ebook authors who earn a living.

Read the full story here.

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